A relationship built on trust

From the bustling ports of the Far East to the strategic hubs of Singapore, Port Kelang, Colombo, and Jebel Ali, our expansive reach connects major trading regions with reliability and expertise. With East Coast South America expansion, our geographic coverage continues to grow. However, our commitment to neutrality is still central to our approach.

Our story

Bengal Tiger Line was founded in 1986 in Hamburg. The original German owners initiated a feeder service in the Bay of Bengal. Initially registered in Germany, we later registered in Cyprus before finally settling in Singapore in 2009.

This strategic relocation positioned BTL at the centre of Asian maritime trade, significantly enhancing our operational capabilities and market reach. Our growth trajectory includes key acquisitions, such as our integration into Singapore-based CMIA Capital Partners in 2018 and our subsequent acquisition by HICO Trust in 2022. These developments have strengthened our market position and expanded our service coverage.

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1980 Commencement of operations — Bengal Tiger Line was founded in 1986 in Hamburg by visionary Joachim von der Heyd. Identifying a niche for specialised feeder services, the company began operating in the Bay of Bengal, connecting key South East Asia ports to East Coast India.
1990 Expansion across South India — Throughout the 1990s, Bengal Tiger Line expanded its reach to cover South India.
2000 Extension to the Middle East and Far East — In the 2000s, Bengal Tiger Line broadened its scope to the Middle East and Far East.
2010 Direct services from China — Bengal Tiger Line introduced direct services from China to India and Southeast Asia , optimising regional connectivity and service efficiency.
2024 Present — In recent years, we’ve expanded into West Coast India and East Coast South America and significantly enhancing cross-trade businesses has reaffirmed its trade commitment.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Bengal Tiger Line.

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Bill Smart Chief Executive

Having lived in Asia for 40 years, and with 35 years in the feedering industry, Bill Smart is a seasoned leader in maritime operations. His extensive experience and deep understanding of regional markets has driven BTL’s strategic vision and operational excellence.

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Norman Pok Commercial Director

Norman brings over 25 years of shipping industry expertise, covering both Carrier Owned Container (COC) and Shipper Owned Container (SOC) trades, his comprehensive knowledge and strategic insights are instrumental in shaping our commercial strategies and fostering robust industry relationships.

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Kenny Lim General Manager of Operations

A stalwart in the shipping industry with 30 years of experience, Kenny Lim oversees all shipping operations. His veteran insight ensures efficiency and the highest standards of service delivery across our extensive network.

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Amanda Pang Marketing General Manager

Amanda Pang leads our marketing initiatives with a creative and analytical approach. Her commercial expertise significantly enhances our market presence and fosters sustainable growth.



Bengal Tiger Line annual golf event

We connect people, as well as ports, and there’s no better way to connect than on the golf course. Founded almost 35 years ago by our founder and recently retired Chairman, Joachim von der Heydt, our annual golf event is an opportunity to strengthen professional bonds. The event is also a chance to showcase our history, the relationships we've nurtured beyond work, and our commitment to protecting the Bengal tiger.

Our values

At BTL, our core values of attention to detail, neutrality and service provision guide everything we do. Our values support us in delivering efficient services that are personalised to the diverse needs of our clients across the globe.

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